Sunday, October 25, 2009


Grab a glass after your workout to speed recovery

After your workout, guzzle some chocolate milk. In a study at James Madison University, soccer players who downed a glass after an intense workout suffered less muscle damage from training than players who had a sports drink.

What’s milk’s advantage?
Protein. The perfect amount of the nutrient is essential in any post-workout recovery meal. Milk proteins, particularly caseins, have an appropriate amino acid composition for growth and development of the young. Other proteins in milk include an array of enzymes, proteins involved in transporting nutrients, proteins involved in disease resistance (antibodies and others), growth factors, etc.

Of course, that’s not the only way milk, well, does a body good:
It’s one of my 10 favorite surprising hydrators. If you’re looking to burn away pounds, the white stuff may also be right for your diet. Fresh milk from cows have CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID (CLA). Studies suggest that this could be due to the elevated release of fatty acids from fat cells or increased activity of the enzymes that burn fat. Because CLA is found mostly in milk and beef fat, your CLA intake drops when you opt for lower-fat: cuts of meat and fat-free dairy.

Milk’s got another advantage over sports drinks:
It’s cheaper rather than you buy an energy bar or gatorade for your energy sources. So, don't be a dummy to buy other foods that is more expensive than the old full cream milk.
Drink a cup of milk 30 minutes before you jog or working out will give you more energy. You will feel the difference.


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